Tier on Tier Plantation Shutters 

Tier On Tier Shutters

The Versatile Shutter Option....

Here at The Cotswold Shutter Co we love Tier On Tier Shutters as not only do they look great they also provide the most flexibility when compared to any other window covering. The two sets of panels which can be the same or different heights open & close individually like a stable door. Tier On Tier shutters are perfect in rooms where privacy is important but you would like a section of the window to remain uncovered such as bathrooms or rooms that are overlooked by passers by or neighbours. Its important to make sure there is enough wall space either side of the shutters if you want to fold the shutter panels flat back against the wall. If you are able to do facilitate this you will gain the maximum value for your tier on tier shutters.

Tier on Tier Benefits....

  • Let maximum light in & maintain privacy
  • Mirror the layout of your window frame exactly
  • Can be used in bay windows just as easily
  • Choose from three different louvre sizes and over 50 different paint and stain options
  • The most stylish looking of all shutter products
  • A timeless look that will last and add value
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