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Gloucestershire Window Shutter Companies


Choosing the right company to design and install your custom made plantation shutters in Gloucestershire can be difficult. Nowadays there are a wide range of companies to choose from including national outfits and small local businesses.

Many window shutter companies have chosen to go down the franchise route  with the with the franchiser providing all the branding and infrastructure to start the business. Although this seems like a good option it also comes with a hefty price tag and limits the way in which that window shutter company can operate. The Cotswold Shutter Co is not a franchise or linked with any national company; we are free to operate in the way we feel benefits our customers the most. The hardwood materials for our shutters are sourced responsibly and we have complete control over where we source these from.

We are also free to work in any geographical area we want unlike many franchise companies as they are usually tied to a county to enable a neighboring area to be sold to another franchisee. We are based in Gloucestershire but are very close to the borders of Oxfordshire & Warwickshire allowing us to cast our net wider into these counties.

Our main aim is to provide high quality window shutters and personal customer service to all of our customers. We would always advise obtaining more than one quote as buying window shutters can be an expensive purchase, remember to ask the questions that are important; materials, lead time, installation, warranty etc.

Cheltenham window shutters

Cheltenham - The Perfect Town For Window Shutters


Our hardwood shutters can be fitted into any window and we are so lucky to work in the areas we do as the regency style properties in Cheltenham and the Gloucestershire area as a whole suit our classic shutters perfectly. The Georgian and Regency period covers the time between 1714 & 1830. Properties within this period are easily identified and were often tall and grand with large box sash windows. The windows were tall with narrower glazing bars allowing more light to flood in; these are ideal windows for tier on tier shutters as you can maintain the privacy while still allowing natural light into the room.

The Straight lines and perfect symmetry of regency style properties is so evident in Cheltenham which is why window shutters are so suited to them. Modern and contemporary window shutters compliment these period properties so well as the style of the property is reflected in the straight lines and symmetry of the window shutters no matter what style or colour you choose.

All of our window shutters here at the Cotswold Shutter Co are custom made to your window and door openings; we have a passion for what we do so contact us today to discuss how to bring your windows to life.

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Choosing the right window shutters


When it comes to choosing your window shutters there are many different options to think about. In this article we will cover the four major things to consider.

Which Material? Window shutters are usually made from one of two different materials, Wood or Plastic. However it is not that straight forward as there are many different types of wood & plastic that companies use. Top notch window shutters are made from solid hardwood and can be powder coated or stained and lacquered to produce a classic luxurious finish. Hardwood shutters are also much lighter in weight compared to MDF shutters. The additional weight of the MDF panels can cause the shutter doors to drop on the hinges over a prolonged period of time. Hardwood is not only lighter but provides a much better fixing making it ideal for window shutters of all types. ABS Plastic is most commonly used for window shutters in wet areas such as bathrooms. They can often be brittle which is why we reinforce all the ABS frames with aluminium rods for additional strength.

Shutter Style? Window or Plantation Shutters have evolved over the last 10 years and so too has the amount of different styles they can be manufactured in. Quite often the period of the home and size of the windows will dictate the most suited window shutter style. Our surveyors can talk you through these different options and what style may work best for you. It is not uncommon to have a mixture of styles all in the same colour in the same house.

Coloured or Stained? Without a doubt the number one question we get asked is about the colours of our shutters. Over half of all the shutters we install are still white there has been an ever increasing trend for both coloured and natural stained shutters in recent years. We have 30 neutral colours including different whites, off whites and creams, Over 20 custom colours designed specifically for us here in the Cotswolds and 10-15 wood stain options for those customers who prefer a natural and sympathetic look. We can also colour match our shutters to many popular paint brands or any other colour with a ral number. In addition we also have six different hinge finish options including Brass, Antique Brass and Chrome.

Which Shutter Tilt Mechanism? You can choose to operate the louvres in your shutters in four different ways; Centre tilt rod, offset tilt rod, clearview, or complete hidden tilt. The traditional tilt rod is still popular however the move to a more minimalist style in our homes has lead to an increase in the amount of shutters we install with a hidden tilt mechanism or clerview system. Both offer an uninterrupted view out of your shutters howvere there is a difference. The clearview system uses a discrete colour coded aluminium rod which attaches to the back of each individual louvre meaning when you move one they will all move simultaneously. A complete hidden tilt works in a similar way however the mechanism is hidden inside the frame of the shutter panel totally out of sight. Although this is better visually it can hinder shutter maintenance should any louvres need replacing.