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Custom shaped shutters are increasing in popularity as our window shutters can be manufactured to any size and shape. The devil is in the detail and custom shutters do require a more considered approach to design and installation as they can quite often be difficult to access and large in size. With more and more people opting for self build homes the desire to have floor to ceiling windows and fully glazed gable ends has meant our installers are coming across bespoke window shapes and sizes all the time. Our hardwood window shutters are perfect for all round and oval shaped windows as unlike curtains and blinds our shutters can be manufactured to the same curve within the recess of the window allowing for the perfect fit every time.

Bespoke Window Shutters

We can design a window shutter in any shape however some of the most popular custom shaped shutters include Triangular, Half Moon, Archway, Porthole, Sunburst above full height and Quarter Round. As with any shutter regardless of the style the home survey is critical, this is even more important when considering special shaped shutters. The measuring of such windows may take slightly longer than normal as multiple measuring points will need to be marked out to ensure an accurate technical drawing is made by our surveyors.

Double window shutter in white