Tracked Shutters - Patio & French Doors

Tracked Plantation Shutters

Why choose tracked shutters....

Tracked shutters provide the perfect shutter solution to larger openings such as patio doors. They can also be used as a room divide providing the flexibility you need to separate a large space. A stronger fixing than normal is required as the track sits above the shutters and is used to suspend the shutter panels. A discreet bottom track is fitted below the shutters to control the alignment and ensure they open and close smoothly. The use of a shutter track system means we are able to span an almost limitless width as they effortlessly glide from side to side.

Tracked shutter planning....

There a number of considerations when planning your tracked shutters such as the opening and position of the door and door handle, projection of the shutter panel width when fully open, number of shutter panels to use and the type of lintel which may be above the door opening are just some. Our experienced surveyors and installers can talk you through how your tracked shutters would work best and show you how they would work in your home.

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