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A Greener Business World

Raw Materials

We only use 100% FSC certified Hardwood in all our different shutter designs. It is sustainably sourced and grown specifically for window shutters and is used for the entire product including the frame, shutter panels & louvre's. Many other shutter suppliers use a range of materials within the same shutter such as MDF and ABS plastic which all have individual properties and may age differently.

Shutter hardwood tree
Full height shutters

Hardwood vs MDF

Why use hardwood if MDF is cheaper? Because its not all about a cost saving. Hardwood shutters are up to 60% lighter in weight compared to MDF. This is really imporanat as you want your shutters to last and the heavier they are the more likely they are to move and slip especially where they are hinged. MDF is an engineered wood made up of thousands of tiny fibre particles glued together; it is the fibrous characteristic of MDF that means it does not provide a strong fixing and is also more susceptible to moisture uptake. Over recent years the cost of hardwood shutters has also reduced dramatically due to better manufacturing processes and supply chains.

Carbon Footprint

We are always thinking of better ways to work and part of our goal to be as efficient as possible is to reduce our carbon footprint. This includes working towards all electric vehicles for our fleet and becoming 100% paperless. Sourcing the raw materials for our window shutters was also important to us as we wanted it to be as close to carbon neutral as we could. The Paulownia & Basswood used in the manufacturing of our shutters is harvested from forests only 5-10 miles away from the manufacturing centre drastically reducing the emissions used in the sourcing of this hardwood.