Hardwood Plantation Shutters 

Cafe Style Shutters

Why cafe style shutters....

Cafe style shutters are positioned to cover the lower half of your windows and do not reach the entire height leaving the top half uncovered. The top of the shutter frame is usually aligned with a horizontal section of your window frame meaning it is not visible from the exterior of your property. Any type of tall window benefits from this style of shutter and it works particularly well with sash windows. Cafe shutters are more commonly used on the ground floor as it is not essential to have the entire window covered at night as it is in the bedrooms.

Traditional shutters for modern living...

Cafe style shutters are often found on Victorian, Georgian & Edwardian homes of which we have many in the Cotswolds, but nowadays even the most modern of properties can use this shutter style to create a stylish and light environment. Not only do they suit almost any property but they are also a cheaper option than full height shutters as all reputable companies work of a price per sq/m.

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