Bay Window Plantation Shutters

Which shutter style for your bay window...?

Bay windows don't require a special type of shutter, they can be Full Height, Cafe Style or Tier on Tier. We do all the hard work making sure each angle is measured correctly so you don't have to. If every angle and size of each individual window is different we will match it perfectly with your shutters using vertical and horizontal T-Posts. When fully open bay window shutters can take up space in your bay so choosing what furniture to have in this area is important. Our surveyors will advise on the best possible shutter design and help you visualise how they will look.

Most popular bay window shutters in Cheltenham and Gloucestershire

We install Full Height or Cafe Style shutters in most of bay windows we work on but can easily fit Tier on Tier too. Without a doubt white shutters are still the most popular colour when it comes to all shutter styles however grained and other coloured shutters are increasing in popularity. We offer a range of different whites, natural wood stains and coloured grain options to choose from or we can colour match to a paint of your choice.